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Whatever it takes!

Muhnuh Muhnuh

If you find yourself feeling a little more mischievous than usual, this tactic will allow you to drop some psychic napalm that will ripple out and into the minds of everyone in your vicinity. Quite simply, you just need to sing “Muhnuh Muhnuh” once at some point during the wee, quiet hours of the morning. […]

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Look Ma! No Pants!

Suits. They’re the nightmare, quintessential cliché for unoriginal thought and everything Taupe Times would love to eliminate from the paradigm of human existence.  So how can you avoid becoming merely another outfit of society?  Easy! Don’t change . . .your pants.   The suits would have you believe that success is reflected by the quality […]

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Whistle While You Work

You don’t have to be a cartoon midget in love with Snow White to enjoy the benefits of this tactic.  The goal here is to bring up your manna points with the flick of a switch. In your brain, that is. Science has demonstrated, on multiple occasions, that even if you are feeling down, you […]

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Cubicle Barista 101

During your tenure in the world of cubes (and in life in general), one of the greatest advantages you can give yourself is to be quirky and eccentric.  While you will initially be mocked by your cube mates, your odd behaviors, if not taken to the level of creepy, will be quite beneficial for a […]

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