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Establishing good cube relations with trusted allies is a great way to survive.


Humans are naturally disposed to addiction – ask Coca Cola.  We’re also big fans of shortsightedness – skydiving anyone? Standing alone, these two qualities already get us into too much trouble. But, when the two meet, a synergistic catastrophe occurs that equates to something similar to the destruction of entire civilizations or, even worse, a […]

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If you’ve spent more than a week in an office setting, one thing becomes readily apparent: No one wants to make any substantial conversations.  We here at Taupe Times believe that most office folk are so drained by their grey (Like the British, we spell it with an “e”. It just sounds more grey with […]

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Axis and Allies

In any war, establishing your allies is key to winning. The battlefield of the cube-farm is no different.  Do not fool yourself into thinking otherwise! Fooooooool! It is critical that you seek out those co-workers, who feel the same overwhelming fear and perplexity upon hearing terms like “pow-wow” and “one-off”(see blog entry, entitled “Douchespeak”).  In […]

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Corporate culture is so disgustingly pervasive it has even corrupted our beautiful language.  It has gotten so bad that UnSuckIt was able to build a search engine around it.  So while English majors across the globe cringe at the thought of the language being raped daily by such money hungry corporate meat sacks, we here […]

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