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Pretend you don’t live in a box. Decorate!

Who is this!?

If you have the ability to forward voice-mails, then you have a tool of funny rivaling that of the squirting flower, hand-buzzer, seltzer bottle and cream pie all going off at once. If you don’t, then you either work far in the distant future, where phones have been replaced by telepathic resonance, or you work […]

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Google Images Save Lives

While we are by no means a fan of the fluffy email programs that decorate messages with obstructive background images and useless animations, we are also not fans of the basic outlook email system, which is, for lack of a better term, completely fucking boring. That’s why we here at Taupe Times highly suggest a […]

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Pencil Neck

Are you bored with your sad cubicle life? Do you feel like you are in desperate need of fun and adventure? Well then . . . Drop that pen and pick up a brand new pencil!!!!! (number 2 that is)   What? That doesn’t sound exciting to you? You obviously have been in your cube […]

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Gone Fishin’

This may seem like a more mundane and mediocre suggestion to the untrained cubicle warrior.  However, if approached in the right manner, the cubby addition of a fish tank can yield you months of relief from the droning noise of your cubicle compatriots going about their oh so boring business. Step 1: Get a fish […]

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